Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good News From St. Jude

Just got off a conference call with Dr. Wilson and Heidi at St. Jude. The freezing treatment from 3 weeks ago worked and Drew is once again officially cancer free (at least until our next trip). Drew and I will head back to St. Jude on 12/2 for his next exam. Prior to our next trip we have an MRI at the U of M, which really is a standard 6 mos. checkup. Thanks for your continued support, it means the world to us


Marj Groseth said...


Anonymous said...

What a rollercoaster ride for you guys! I'm thrilled to hear the good report from your last visit and pray the December exam reveals MORE good results!

Always praying for you,
JoAnne, Keith, Logan and Jenna Kroeker

Gini Breidenbach said...

SO happy for you. Prayers were answered. Praying that this remains the beginning of your last countdown!!