Monday, August 1, 2011

Latest St. Jude Update from 2 Weeks Ago

Sorry for the delay in our post.......should have put out there 2 weeks ago!

Just received a call from Heidi on Drew's St. Jude Trip. Dr. Wilson was a little concerned about a "change" in the blood vessels close to the area where Drew had his Radiation Plaque placed a year and a half ago. This "change" could be a few different things but only time will tell what it really is. Here is the list of things is could be:

  • Nothing

  • Tumor Growth

  • Residual damage fromt he plaque treatment

As a precaution, Dr. Wilson applied the laser. We'll go back in 6 weeks and will know more then. He indicated that he treated it because he didn't want to find out 6 weeks from now this it was a growth and he elected not to treat on the previous trip.

So, long story short, still cancer free........we think! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I just watched that COOL vidoeo - I wish I could have gone!!! What love!!! Continuing the prayers. Would you mind if I posted your link on my Caring Bridge site with a note about the video? :-)

Glad that so far, cancer GONE!!! I'm praying it STAYS that way :-)