Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally a Year, WOW!

We're excited to report that with the recent trip to St. Jude about a 2 weeks ago, Drew finally has made it a year with NO CANCER! We can't tell you how excited we are. Our next goal is 2 years, knock on wood! Thanks for your continued support, we go back at the end of March.


Stephen said...

Wonderful news! All the best to the Giuliani family!!

Jackie Dutcher said...

I'm SO HAPPY - this is GREAT NEWS!!! You - through God, prayers and support - have BEATEN this monster :-)

Love and prayers always!!!

Lynn Sandom said...

That's fantastic news guys! Kathy and Hans keep us updated and we read the blog too! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

Will you have the Time to Fly team again this year? We'd love to come support and celebrate the great news!