Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 Years, WOW!

Six years ago this past Saturday, our lives changed forever. Heidi and I will never forget 11/17 as this date is burned in our memory. While it sure has had its ups and downs, we are knocking on the door of two years cancer free (did you catch that I said knocking). :-) We are excited about continuing on this high. Speaking of milestones, tonight was a heck of a milestone for me.......Drew had his first homework assignment in braille. He sat down, cracked his fingers like he was going to play the piano and said out loud "I can go for a ride!" While it's was basic, it was AWESOME....HE WAS READING WITH HIS FINGERS! The best part, I have no clue if he was right so really, he's teaching me! While he can read with his eyes, Heidi and I wanted him to go down this path, just in case and it's amazing to get a small peek into this world! We are so proud of his ability to learn to read both ways. Anyway, all is well on this front and we continue to knock on wood that it stays that way. Happy Thanksgiving to all and wishing you the best holiday season. Be sure to check out the Today show this week, you'll see a few St. Jude spots. Believe me, we are truely Thankful for them getting us to this place!

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