Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two in a Row

Good news today from St. Jude. Dr. Wilson gave us another good report card that everything looks new tumors, no growth with old tumors and Drew's eye tissue looks good. Yesterday Drew had a standard vision exam and the outcome was no change to his prescription. That means there is no true damage from the radiation plaque, at least for right now. Our next trip to St. Jude will be on 5/18. Drew has his MRI tomorrow so assuming we have a clean report there we can then celebrate this small victory. Thanks for your continued support and love, it's greatly appreciated.


Mom and Dad said...

We are so very happy for you guys. That is a HUGH accompolishment. On the road to recovery. That feels so good. Drewbug you are a tough little guy. How proud everyone is of you. All our Love
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Tony and Heidi,
I just spent some time catching up on the last few posts - SO GLAD to hear things are going well!

We look forward to seeing you (ALL) at Time To Fly in June.

The Kroekers