Monday, May 24, 2010

3rd Times the Charm

Sorry for the delay in this post but we got back from St. Jude last Wed. and everything looked great. No new tumor growth and Drew's eye tissue showed no signs of weakness from the radiation treatment. We continue to struggle with Drew's true vision capabilities however.........we can't hone in on what his prescription should be. Unfortunately he wasn't too cooperative with some of the vision tests that we'll most likely have to try and repeat them here at the U of M. The next trip isn't until the 3rd week in July. We're excited to get the the 2 month milestone in between trips. Thanks for your continued support and are looking forward to seeing most of you at the Time to Fly!


Grandma and Papa said...

What an accompolishment.
Continued great news for a change.
I am so excited for all of you and I hope this kind of news keeps coming your way. Time to Fly will be a great celebration this year. First place on donations and way over your goal from last year.
The support can only get better.
We love you all

Marj Groseth said...

Awesome! We will see you at Time to Fly!

Carol Gutwein said...

Hi, Tony. I have been keeping up with Drew’s progress over time and am delighted by the latest results!

I think you have this address in Utah, but just in case, it's (I can't get through on your old wells fargo e-mail account.)

We’ve been here a year now, believe it or not, and it looks as though we’re here to stay for the foreseeable future. Golf, “pickleball,” yoga and other healthy type stuff take up a lot of our time, and it only took us about 5 minutes to adjust to retirement. You and/or your family are welcome to visit any time. We’re near lots of things like Zion National Park (50 minutes), Las Vegas (2 hours), Lake Powell (I’m not sure?), etc., so if Utah is ever on your radar, be sure to look us up.

Again, terrific news for your family. I’ll continue to monitor the blog for updates. Hope everything else is good for you. Drop a line when you have time.