Wednesday, July 14, 2010

St. Jude Helps Reach a Milestone

Just got off the phone with Heidi……..Drew’s eye exam has come back clean…….still on the path of cancer free. We will go back at the end of September for another exam and MRI. Little bit of a milestone as this will be the longest time Drew has been cancer free in the last 4 years (knocking on wood as I write). I would say that we are cautiously optimistic but it’s a pretty good feeling for today. Drew and Heidi will get home tonight. Thanks for your continued support!


Joe, Rochelle, Josh, Luke said...

So glad you received a good report once again. I see light at the end of this tunnel. Give a big hug to Drew tonight from us.

Mom & Dad said...

What GREAT news. I am glad you guys can experience this kind of news once again. What a good feeling. Drewbug, you are quite the fighter. Days like this make a person look back and say, We've come a long way. The road has been long but the news of Drew keeps getting better. We can only hope your there. Keep running. Some day you will cross the finish line. We love you all and are glad you were able to experience a wonderful day filled with joy.
All Our Love

Carol G said...