Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sad News From St. Jude's

We got some very disappointing on Drew's exam today. Unfortunately we are unable to cross the hurdle of the 6 month mark, cancer free. Drew's cancer is back in his right eye. It is the same stubborn tumor we tried radiation on in February. We are accessing the next steps. They feel right now that radiation would not be a good option to repeat, because it could damage the eye. We will return in 3 weeks for another laser treatment. We are hoping this will work or we may have to consider chemotherapy again. Please pray for him!!!


Anonymous said...

My heart cries for you. Your family does not deserve this. I would give anything to fix this for you. It is hard when there is nothing that you can do but to be there for you guys in whatever you need.
Love Mom

Matschina Family said...


Our hearts are heavy for you but optimistic on how resilient and powerful children are to adversity. I know you will keep fighting and doing everything you can to take care of that little guy. Our family thinks of you often and will continue to keep you in our prayers.

ellen joseph said...

Tony and Heidi...this road is so tough for you and the little guy...I am praying that the visit for lasering is a success and any future visits will continue to yield positive results....
I love you and continue to have Drew's name read every Friday for healing at the synagogue.
Much love..Ellen