Monday, February 21, 2011

Will We Break the 6 Mos. Streak?

I was sitting at our computer desk tonight looking through some paperwork tonight and found an old invition. That invition was to a party Heidi, Jack and I threw Drew and all of our supporters back when he first completed his first set of chemo. The party was to celebrate the beginning of the end of our battle with cancer. I sit here, three and a half years later with a lump in my throat worried about next week and getting over this 6 month hurdle. We've never gone more than 6 months without bad news. If we get through next weeks appointment we won't be "at" 6 months but that means our next trip back will be after six months. You can't tell that we keep track, can you? :-) We are cautiously optimistic about next week and are excited to head to florida on vacation the week after next. We're hoping for a stress free vacation. The last 2 months have been great as a family and it seams so quick that we are heading back. Thanks again for your continued support and prayers.


Marj Groseth said...

I will be thinking of you! Good luck. You are always in our thoughts.

Joe, Rochelle, Josh and Luke said...

Hoping for nothing but good news today and tomorrow. Go get 'em Drew.

Ellen and Ida said...

We are keeping our positive thoughts focused on Drew and a great report.
Lots of love and lots of good luck from a couple of Drew's biggest fans.